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Portaits of loved ones, places and pets!
  • Portraits are unique depiction of a moment in time, the capturing of a moment of childhood, adulthood, or a special pet's personality. A hand painted oil portrait embraces that special time of everlasting innocence in a child's life that a family will treasure forever. I always strive to capture the essence and personality of the subject in each portrayal I paint, which is essential to a successful portrait.

  • I loved art from a very young age. From the age of four I loved drawing, painting, and using pastels to satisfy my love of art. I captured anything I saw on paper or canvas that was pretty and peaked my curiosity. I would try to render the subject, whether a butterfly, bird, or person as realistically as possible, even at such a young age.

  • After years of refining and perfecting my painterly technique, I am proud to offer my services to you to commission that special portrait that will be cherished forever…
Portraits are generally done on a commission basis, so would not be shown for sale here.
To view completed portraits please go to Kimberly’s Gallery

Commission Fees
Oil PASTEL portrait to shoulders
8" x 10"On French paper$ 50.00
11" x 14"Oil pastel on stretched canvas$130.00
11" x 17"Oil pastel on stretched canvas$145.00
16" x 20"Oil pastel on stretched canvas
(Head and shoulders)
20" x 24"Oil pastel on stretched canvas
(Half body: to waist)
8" x 10"Oil on canvas panel or stretched$100.00
11" x 14"Oil on stretched canvas$220.00
11" x 17"Oil on stretched canvas$245.00
16" x 20"Oil on stretched canvas$400.00
Full Length Child
20" x 24"Oil on stretched canvas$600.00
24" x 36"Oil on stretched canvas$1,000.00
36" x 48"Oil on stretched canvas$2,000.00
Full Length Child
Extra figure add 25%

Pricing does NOT include frame, framing, or Priority shipping and insurance.