Meet Nortie and his Friends from The Basket!

The Basket is the magical valley where the Basket Brook flows and Nortie and all his friends live!

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L'il Kimmie
-L'il Kimmie lives in the Basket by Basket Brook with all of her friends: Nortie, Meenah, and the gang. Kimmie likes to have a lot of adventures!
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-Mommy to Nortie, BooBoo, and Spunky, Meenah is a feisty little Maltese that loves to do fun things. She likes rainbows, sunny days, and vanilla ice cream!
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-A brother to BooBoo and Spunky, Nortie is a little puppy that loves to watch clouds float by, butterflies, and loves to eat hamburgers!
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-The "spunkiest" of the trio, Spunky loves to eat snacks, play with toys, take a nap, and swim!
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-The biggest of the three, is just like his daddy, Rocky. He likes to lead Nortie and Spunky on adventures, eat hot dogs, and play with little Kimmie, Joy, and Hoppinglollypop!
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-Rocky is Nortie, Spunky, and BooBoo’s daddy-a Lhasa Apso that loves the snow! Rocky also like to chase squirrels, eat pretzels, and take naps!
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-the One & On’y!-Tony is a fuzzy little dog that loves gourmet food! Her real name is Tiny….so, why is she called, “Tony”? Tiny always wanted a name that rhymed with food. One day, she announced to Kimmie, Nortie, and the gang that she would like them to call her by her new nickname, ‘Tony’, because it rhymed with pepperoni, macaroni, spumoni (ice cream!), tortoni, and bologna!
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Miss Aerie Blueberry Bluebird
-This sassy bluebird loves to tweet the day away in her favorite cherry tree! Her best friend is Tippie the bluebird!
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Tippie the Bluebird
-Tippie loves to play with Joelle, her best bunny friend. She also likes to fly in the air with Joy, the littlest ladybug, eat sunflower seeds, and tweet-tweet to Nortie and the gang!
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-The chubby little bunny that loves to get into mischief! Hoppinglollypop loves lollipops! He always has some with him wherever he hops! Sometimes one or two will drop out of his pocket and that’s how Kimmie knows where to find him!
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-Is a friendly little bunny who likes to play with Spunky and the gang and lives in L’il Kimmie’s backyard. One of Joelle’s favorite things to do is to write letters to her friends….and eat carrots!
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-The littlest ladybug you will ever see! Joy is so cute! She loves to fly up and down, over and under, and land on Kimmie’s shoulder! Joy is everyone’s friend!
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-A “hoppy” little froggie that loves to swim! He lives in L’il Kimmie’s pond!
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-A fuzzy little panda, Pandy likes playing with Nortie and the gang! He likes to eat bananas, bamboo leaves, drink milk, and tumble on the grass!
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-is a sassy little star that shines brightly at night-to light the way for Shawnee and watch over Kimmie, Nortie, and the gang!
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-This kitty knows the woods at Basket Brook! Kimmie and Joy found Shawnee and took him in from the cold, rainy weather in the woods surrounding Kimmie’s house. Shawnee was afraid of most things, but Kimmie, Nortie, and the gang showed him that trust and friendship make fears fade away and lead to a special companionship!
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-Mia is Kimmie’s friend who lives in France. They talk together on the phone all the time, write letters to each other, and talk about their friends Nortie and the gang! Mia loves art, french bread with butter, and loves painting with her French oils!
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