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Lemon Crème Chair Featuring Kim-bear-ly Bear!
Lemon Crème Chair
Featuring Kim-bear-ly Bear!

What a cute little teddy bear! Created by hand and inset into this fabulous "Goldilocks" style toddler chair, Kim-bear-ly bear is sure to make your little one smile! Look at those expressive eyes!

Masterful woodworking skills combined with the finest hand painting culminate into this special figural chair. Smooth hardwood is hand painted in the softest lemon crème shade - the perfect compliment to the hand painted, colorful, meandering wildflowers on each side of Kim-bear-ly. Wild geranium, larkspur, lotus, and forget-me-nots intertwine beautifully and add a refined prettiness.

The seat is hand painted featuring a scene of two of Kim-bear-ly's teddy bear friends saying hello to each other while meandering through the woodlands.

You know she'll sit her favorite teddy plush on this chair to keep Kim-bear-ly company! Enjoy! It is a one of a kind, of course, a definite heirloom to pass on to future generations…

Floor to top of back: 19 ½"
Floor to seat: 9"
Seat: 9 ¾" deep, 10 ¼" wide
Back height: 10 ½"
Quantity: Item No: Price: $265.00
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