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Primed furniture ready for your own custom designs!
  • Create your own custom designs and themes on our one-of-a-kind furniture and accessories
  • Great gift ideas for your loved ones and children
  •                                ** NOTE: Gallery of white base-painted furniture to come. **

With our Design-in-Mind service, Rainbow & Wish offers very fast completion time along with complete flexibility when decorating your little one’s nursery, play space, or bedroom suite or your adult-themed designs by incorporating your specific artistic concepts and ideas onto white/antique white or pale toned painted furniture and decorative pieces that are ready to have my hand painting applied to their completed base tone. Think of them as ‘blank canvases’ ready for me to hand paint YOUR design idea onto one or more!

Each piece is one set price, no matter what design I hand painted upon it at your request. This price point allows you the freedom to choose any design without the hassle of pricing differentials. Payment options are certainly available on these pieces as well. Enjoy the possibilities…

Perhaps you would love one of our furniture pieces featured in Design-in-mind with a baby giraffe hand painted upon it to match your infant son’s newly decorated nursery. Or your little girl wants a table and chair set featured in Design-in-mind, hand painted with cute little guinea pigs having a tea party in a meadow! Your twins want a side table in our Design-in –Mind gallery hand painted with tropical animals and birds! Perfect!

Attending a baby shower and in need of a shower gift in a limited time frame? The perfect gift presentation: choose one of our Design-in-Mind available furniture pieces or decorative accessories and I will hand paint the expectant mother’s chosen nursery theme or your artistic vision onto each piece you choose for the baby shower you will be attending. It’s that simple. The result: a perfect match to a designated nursery, your baby’s wallpaper, your child’s embroidered duvet cover, or your little one’s own ideas! Our Design-in-Mind pieces offer faster completion time as the base color has all ready been applied.

Any idea you have that matches your adult design theme, your little one’s décor in his or her nursery, play space, or bedroom suite can be hand painted by me onto these pieces featured in our Design-in-Mind showcase. Unlimited possibilities…